About The Penn Calc Wiki

This is a wiki-format text to accompany Robert Ghrist's Single-Variable Calculus class, as presented on Coursera beginning January 2013. All material is copyright 2012-2013 Robert Ghrist.

This wiki was initiated in 2012 by Robert Ghrist and David Lonoff -- David Lonoff, in particular, transcribed the vast majority of the text from the Coursera lectures of Robert Ghrist.

Past editors and contributors include:

  • Prof. Robert Ghrist
  • Mr. David Lonoff
  • Dr. Subhrajit Bhattachayra
  • Dr. Alberto Garcia-Raboso
  • Dr. Vidit Nanda
  • Ms. Lee Ling Tan
  • Mr. Brett Bernstein
  • Prof. Antonella Grassi